Fiberglass Design Services


Structural Composites of Indiana delivers complete turnkey service to customers including Computer Aided Design(CAD) engineering services, patterns, masters, prototype mold fabrication, production, sub/assembly, final inspection, and repair.  Full in-house prototyping and testing capabilities are also readily available for all fiberglass composites and fiberglass products.

Engineering resources include in-house CAD/CAM capabilities using Autodesk / AutoCAD, Solidworks, Mechanical Desktop, and Inventor.  Other Structural Composites of Indiana extended manufacturing design capabilities include FEA (Finite Element Analysis), pattern and mold prototyping, as well as various physicals testing.

Our fiberglass composites designers have extensive experience in the fabrication of a wide range of fiberglass products from small fiberglass parts to large-scale fiberglass products using hand lay-up, spray-up, RTML (Resin Transfer Molding) and vacuum infusion.  Standard process tolerances are:

  • Hand Lay-Up and Spray-Up: plus or minus 0.063”
  • RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) and VARTM (Vacuum-Assisted Resin Transfer Molding): plus or minus 0.032”
  • Grind: plus or minus 0.125” (plus or minus 0.032” with fixtures)
  • Assembly: plus or minus 0.125” (plus or minus 0.032” with fixtures)

Structural Composites of Indiana, with over 100 years’ of combined experience in all aspects of the fiberglass industry, has extensive in-house engineering capabilities.  Working with specific customer specifications or a basic concept, the engineering department at Structural Composites of Indiana has the capabilities to meet the most exacting requirements for your quality fiberglass products.

Contact Structural Composites of Indiana today for all of your custom fiberglass fabrication and fiberglass composite needs!