Fiberglass Patterns & Fiberglass Molds

  Every part produced at Structural Composites of Indiana starts with the design and construction of a fiberglass pattern, followed by a fiberglass mold.  If necessary, a fiberglass master is built to be used if additional production molds are required to meet production volumes.

A fiberglass pattern is an exact replica of the part to be fabricated.  The pattern exhibits all geometrical, dimensional, and surface characteristics of the finished part.  Fiberglass patterns can be either hand built or CNC machined (computer numerically controlled).  CAD (computer-aided design) information is critical at this stage.

Once the pattern is complete, Structural Composites of Indiana uses the pattern to build a first generation mold.  The mold is typically made of fiberglass although epoxy or even metal can be used based on production requirements.  The production molds are built in several layers of fiberglass laminate with thicknesses up to 3/4".

Structural Composites of Indiana's staff of highly skilled pattern, master and mold makers insures the highest quality finished product to meet challenging customer requirements.  Contact Structural Composites of Indiana today for all of your custom fiberglass fabrication and fiberglass composite needs!