Custom Fiberglass Composites for Recreational Vehicles (RV)

 One of the many industries that Structural Composites of Indiana has designed, prototyped, and manufactured custom fiberglass composites and custom fiberglass products for is the RV (Recreational Vehicle) Industry.  Some of the RV fiberglass parts that Structural Composites of Indiana has developed and produced include front caps, rear caps, roofs, skirts, enclosures, and engine covers.  One advantage of RV components constructed of fiberglass composites is the strength and durability of the fiberglass product.

RV fiberglass parts are extremely resistant to harsh weather extremes, from the coldest to the hottest temperatures.  Humid or salty air, sunlight (UV), and extreme temperatures have little effect on RV components constructed of fiberglass.

Structural Composites of Indiana delivers complete turnkey service to our customers.  We offer Computer Aided Design (CAD) engineering services, pattern, master, prototype mold fabrication, molding, sub/assembly, final inspection, and repair.  Full in-house prototyping and testing capabilities are also readily available for all composites and fiberglass products.

With over 100 years’ combined experience in all aspects of the fiberglass and composites industries, Structural Composites of Indiana can meet or exceed your needs!   Starting with a modest operations facility, Structural Composites of Indiana has grown into one of the leading fiberglass fabricators in the Midwest, with over 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space.  Over the years, Structural Composites of Indiana has supplied custom fiberglass products to an extensive range of customers in the industrial, marine, agricultural, corrosion, rail, military and transportation industries.

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